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The pump on our clients water feature had failed and we were asked to find a suitable replacement whilst refurbishing the feature with a thorough clean-out and new lights to highlight the cascading water effect in the evenings, not bad job and the clients were very happy with the completed finish.

SUMMER 2021 – First Aquatic Room Installation

We were asked to provide an installation to allow the safe housing of marine livestock for the Zoology department of Cambridge University. This installation included both the electrical supply and aquarium/stands & hardware. It took over 3 months to complete but was very impressive when completed. The initial electrical supply being fitted by David.

Supplies came via dedicated socket circuits for each system rack to allow for re supply by a mobile generator unit in case of power failures. This was one of the initial specifications by the university so we had to design the setup to be flexible enough whilst still maintaining all the safety elements installed..

Once we had built the racks, positioned the glass & glued all the pipework we fitted the systems with acrylic boards we had assembled off site with individual distribution boards. This was allowing for all vital components such as heaters and pumps to be powered by seperate circuits protecting against any future issues where a single component would not be able to affect any others in the installation at a time of failing. Each circuit was protected by its own RCBO, each rack was bonded and each sump had an earth rod fitted to remove any risk of any potential induced current from the mass of pumps and UV system.

The addition of Bluetooth controlled lighting systems allowed us to have a play with all the various effects the lights had to offer, a good distraction after some long days & nights to get the project completed within the given timescale.

A really nice clean finish, with every safety element to protect both the livestock and anyone working on or interacting with the systems at any given time. 


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